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You can choose which posts to prioritize in your News Feed and select the people and groups you'd like to see posts from.

Manage your Feed:

  1. From your Workplace Home, click .
  2. You can choose to see which posts you want to see more or less of from People you follow, Prioritized groups or Team.
  3. Click the dropdown next to the above options.
  4. You can choose from Show more of these posts, Standard priority or Show less of these posts.
  5. You can also follow people to see their posts in your feed by clicking People to follow, or click Unfollow people and groups to stop seeing their posts.
  6. Click when you're done.
Unfollow or hide people and posts from your News Feed
You can unfollow or hide people and posts from your News Feed. If you hide a post from your News Feed, you'll be less likely to see similar posts in your News Feed in the future.

Hide a post or a person:

  1. Click in the top right of the post.
  2. Select Hide post or Hide all from [name].
Note: If you're not seeing posts in News Feed that you'd like to see, you can join more groups or follow more people.

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